Pinecrest Percherons and Carriage Service


Will the horse make a mess everywhere?

Sanitation is not a problem! Black “bun bags” are discreetly attached under the horse’s tail and to the harness.


How far can we travel in the carriage?

We can travel up to 3 miles on the road with the horse. Please allow 15 minutes per mile!


How do you get to the event location?

We have several large truck/trailers which are designed to transport the horse and carriage. After we arrive, we discreetly unload and set-up ‘out of sight’ and will be ready to serve you at the time and location that was specified in the signed contract. We always arrive at least 20-30 minutes early to set-up!


What do your employees wear?

Unless otherwise specified, our drivers/headers wear formal attire. Black or Red Jacket (client choice), White Button-down Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Top Hat for Driver.


Be sure what you see is what you get!

As the customer it is your right to see the product before you purchase! Does the company you are interested in provide the horse/carriage that you see in the picture? Pictures may be several years old! Unless you check, what you see is not always what you get! We encourage you to not only check us out but any other company you may be interested in! We would be happy to set up an appointment.